Your Hardware Tip – Wax sticks, seamfill and caulk oh my…

Everyone has their own signature way to deal with chips or scratches… Some use wax sticks or markers while others use seamfill or caulk.  I have even seen customers use whiteout or sharpies…

Which do you prefer?  What are some of your tricks?

The biggest problem with all of these repairer solutions seems to be finding the proper color for the board that you are using.  More often than not, the vendor that you are buying these solutions from doesn’t “speak closet” and therefore can’t help you with the matches.

Many of you have been using these products for years so I am sure that you have cross referenced the colors that you currently use, but what happens if you change your colors?

There are many new colors hitting the market, how long will it take and how much will it cost for you to come up with these matches?

Click here for a spreadsheet containing common closet colors and a cross reference for each… I hope this will save you some time so that you can stay focused on the important things – like making sales…

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