Who is the Mayor?

Hi everyone, my name is Richie DeMarco – The Mayor Of Hardware. I know how big is my ego to have a title like this, I am not-self proclaimed. At the 2011 Closet Expo in Charlotte, my customers declared me The Mayor. Actually Andreas Messis Co-Founder of transFORM coined the phrase. The keynote speaker Bill Fotsch loved the title and promoted me during his speech. From that point a new mayor was born…

I have been working with closet companies for almost 20 years.  I started my career by developing a closet program for Eveready Hardware which ultimately led to Eveready being purchased by Richelieu Hardware.  Today I am the National Closet Manager for Richelieu.

My use of social media coupled with webinars and speaking at various trade shows have solidified my reputation in the closet industry.

I make it easy for closet companies to buy hardware and manage their inventory so that they don’t have to.  I provide my network with hardware tips that will help them increase their sales and be more profitable.  I sprinkle in social media tips that will help them create a brand and increase their presence on-line.

I was President of the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals for 2 years and served on the Board of Directors for over 10.  I believe that a strong association leads to a strong industry, which is good for all of us.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

What Real People Are Saying About Richie DeMarco

“Richie DeMarco is a top performer on many levels.  Aside from his ability to bring people together, build relationships and maintain trust, he is an expert in his field with strong business skills and market sense.  I’ve worked with Richie over the years and continue to be impressed by his ability to outperform the competition while keeping his customer’s needs a top priority.  As a valued business partner, I am please do enthusiastically recommend Richie DeMarco” ~ Patrick Layne, General Manager California Closets Los Angeles

“When it comes to closet hardware sales people, Richie is clearly the #1 guy out there.  He is extremely knowledgeable, very personable, completely honest and super quick when it comes to responding to questions/e-mails/phone calls.  He is simply at the top of his profession, and almost everyone I know in the business agrees that Richie has no peer” ~ David Linda, Former Owner, SpaceMan Home & Office

“Richie is a model professional in our industry.  His attention to detail, customer service and his work ethic have led him to great success.  Richie is not only well known on the east coast, he’s built a strong reputation that many have come to know and respect on a national level.  Eveready Hardware is an incredible company built by hardworking dedicated professionals and Richie’s influence and belonging to it is very fitting.  It is my pleasure to recommend Richie DeMarco and Eveready Hardware” ~ Nathan Klomp, Sales Manager, MJB Wood Group