Increasing Your Average Sale – Part II

Last week was the first in series about increasing your average sale. The importance of this number is right up there with your closing rate, and number of service calls.

According to the book Marketing Metrics – The probability of selling a new customer is 5 – 20%, but the probability of selling an existing customer is 60 – 70%.

I know you are booked out 8 to 12 weeks and don’t have time right now to re-invent your company… That isn’t what I’m suggesting.

Below are examples of three really easy upgrades –

Flip Up Doors

The reason that this became such a popular trend with kitchen companies is because the hardware is three times more expensive that a pair of hinges. Flip up doors really don’t make it any easier to access what is inside but you see them everywhere.

At Richelieu we offer almost every brand on the market all at different price points – Blum Aventos, Salice Wind and our import – Atmos Air System.

We even have a step by step video on how to pick the right stay for your door – click here.

Prefer a simple piston or flap stay – we have those too. No matter which way you go, this is very easy to incorporate into the high end walk-in closet in your showroom, or add to a job.

Handles are getting longer

Here’s another trend that will increase your profits without doing any extra work. Many of you are drilling 96mm or 128mm handles but why not offer 160mm, 192mm or even 224mm?

There are many handle jigs on the market that make it very easy to center the drilling. We offer two options –

Part Number – CON35000
Part Number – 1934JIGPRO

Accent Doors

I know white is 50 – 60% of your installations. If you can’t get your client to upgrade their color option, maybe they would be interested in adding a couple of accent doors.

When it comes to accent doors you have many options besides your standard shaker or raised panel.

You can offer aluminum frame doors which come in multiple colors and insert options.

Super matte doors are another option – this is one of the hottest trends right now… you can even see the trend on kitchen appliances. The Samsung Bespoke fridge has multiple color options.

Lastly you can never go wrong with a glossy door or countertop.

Glaks high gloss countertop and drawer front

The beauty of these accent doors is that you can outsource all of these items and not have to worry about slowing down your production.

Your turn – what is your “go to” easy upgrade that you try to offer on every job?

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Thank you for reading!

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