5 Ways to Consistently Curate Content

The word Content on a cork notice board

Say that 10 times fast…

Creating fresh content for your audience isn’t always easy.

Other obligations and/or life get in the way…

Another way to give back to your network is by sharing articles, blog posts or videos that you find value in.

Believe it or not this is a lot more time consuming that it sounds.

In the beginning I would spend hours searching the web for the right article…

Keeping in mind my different audiences on different platforms.

Until I learned a few tricks and came across some websites that help with grabbing content worth sharing.

Best of all – these tools are all free –

Feedly.com is a site that allows you to pick the topics you are interested in.  These topics range from technology to fashion to business.  Within each topic you can than pick the news source that you want to save and feature in your feed.  These are credible sources like Business Week or Fast Company and are usually a good source of information.

Alltop.com is similar to Feedly.com. The amount of information available to you is incredible.  I lean towards Feedly because it easier to scan and personalize, you may prefer Alltop.  Both are worth checking out and bookmarking.

Paper.li is designed to be a digital newsletter.  It automatically searches the web for up to 25 topics and lays the stories out like a newspaper.  The layout makes it really easy to scan.  You can change the topics or content sources anytime.  I like to use Paper.li to save Twitter # “hash-tags.”

A private board on Pinterest.com.  I get a lot of my social media done after hours, which isn’t always the optimal time for sharing…   Pinning the story to a private board makes it really easy to share later.  This tip came from a Guy Kawasaki webinar that I attended.

“Favoriting” tweets on Twitter is similar to a “Like” on Facebook.  I use the favorite button a little different.  If I’m scanning Twitter and see a tweet with a link to an article that I think might be interesting, I “favorite” it.  Twitter saves your “favorited” tweets so you can access later – I find this a great way to maximize my time on Twitter.

Your turn – Are you currently sharing content with your audience?

How do you manage the articles?  What sources are you using?

Do you have any questions?  Post them below, I’m happy to help!

Thank you for reading!!

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In honor of Labor Day, I’m giving you a day off too!!

I created this post so that you could share the content with your potential customers on the social media platforms that you’re using…

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Thank you for reading and being a valued part of my network!

Happy Labor Day!!

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The Benefits of Blogging – and how to reap them

Blogging has become a popular marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, an awful lot of companies started a blog just because they heard it was a good idea, but they’ve really given no thought to strategy whatsoever – then they wonder why they’re not getting any results.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It’s important to understand that there’s a lot more to blogging than just throwing a few paragraphs online and hoping someone will read them. Believing that someone will stumble upon your blog, read a post, and decide to do business with you is no more realistic than going to a networking event at your local Chamber of Commerce with the expectation of landing a new client right then and there.

I can absolutely say that I have gained new clients as a result of my blog, but it didn’t happen overnight. By reading my blog on a regular basis, they acquired a sense of who I am and the way I approach business and life, and were comfortable with what they saw. After all, choosing a virtual assistant is an important decision, and it’s very difficult to gain trust in someone simply based on a static website.

You need to realize as well that writing a great blog post is just the beginning. Blogging isn’t an advertising platform; it’s a means of communication. Whenever someone comments on one of your posts, take the time to respond, and pay a visit to their blog as well, if they have one. In addition, make sure that everything you do on your blog is reflected on the social networking sites you use.

As a result of relationships grown through blogging, I’ve been invited to participate in joint ventures, such as teleseminars. I’ve also been contacted by media representatives, simply because I’d blogged about a topic they were currently researching, which has led to free exposure for my business. I’ve even been able to share some of these opportunities with other people in my network, when I felt that they were more suited than I was to address the subject.

For me, the most surprising reward I’ve experienced from blogging is a personal one. I love my work, but most of my activities are dictated by the needs of my clients. After all, without them, I wouldn’t even have a business! With my blog, on the other hand, I get to choose what to write about, when to write it, and how much to write, or even decide not to blog some days if I just don’t feel like it. I’ve never thought of myself as a writer, but my blog has become an outlet for my self-expression, as much as it is a marketing tool.

If you’re not convinced that blogging is a worthwhile activity, I strongly encourage you to reconsider. When you create compelling content and engage with your readers, you’ll grow your online community, position yourself as an expert, and ultimately generate more business.

JBarclay-1022bJanet Barclay began blogging in 2006, and discovered a passion for writing she never realized she had. In addition to sharing tips about blogging and more on Your Organizing Business, she is a regular contributor to several other blogs.

As the owner of Organized Assistant, she helps her clients to optimize their online presence by creating websites and blogs as well as providing blog promotion, proofreading and editing, content management, and WordPress technical support services.