ClosetCon Recap – Part III

I appreciate all of you reading the last 3 weeks.  This is the last post in a series about ClosetCon 2022.

In case you have missed the first two posts, here are links to Part I about our new closet accessory program and Part II about lighting.

This week I wanted to touch on a topic that I am still receiving calls about…

Drawer blanks, drawer boxes and baltic birch material.

Even if they have a steady supply right now, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

If you have been following along, you know one of the major differences with Richelieu is that we dive very deep into a product category.  So whether you want to make your own drawers or outsource them we have a solution.

Flat Packed Birch Drawers

Our ready to assemble doweled birch plywood drawers are stocked in standard closet widths and in three heights.

Use a little wood glue, tap together and away you go.

These are really easy to use and made for anyone using ball bearing slides in a standard closet opening.

Here’s a link to for more info.

Standard isn’t for you?

We also have cut to size 5/8″ x 60″ baltic birch drawer blanks, with or without banding on top.

Click here to see the drawer blank program.

Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Only outsource your drawers when the installation calls for under mount slides?

No problem – we have you covered.

Here is a link to our birch drawer box configurator.

Want to offer a different species of wood – we can do that too, here’s the link.

Our configurators are really easy to use, work through the prompts and in less than two minutes you will have a price.

These work great with our 828 under mount slide and new closet clip.

The new closet clip allows you to install a 13-1/2″ drawer on a 14″ vertical without having to notch the front of the drawer.  This is huge for the closet industry.

Want to use under mounts, but don’t want to lose control of your production?

Check out our new metal box program.

The Optimizer-R drawer box is the perfect solution.

The Optimizer-R is stocked in standard drawer slide depths from 12″ – 26″, 3 heights (18″ and deeper adds a 4th height), and 3 colors.

You cut a 5/8″ back and bottom to make this drawer box totally customizable.

If you have any questions about our drawer program, under mounts or new closet clip please don’t hesitate to reach out to me – at

If you are in the closet industry and have never attended ClosetCon you need to put in on your list for 2023.

Here is a photo from the Top Shelf Awards.  You can see from the smiling faces, it was a great cocktail party hosted by Rev-A-Shelf.

Every year it feels like a family reunion that just keeps growing

Thank you for reading.