What’s New at KBIS 2016 – Part II

Last week we discussed new flip up door hardware, slides for pull out shelving and adding charging stations to your projects.  Click here to read the full post.

This week I have a few more products that I think you should be aware of –

Rev-A-Shelf Pantry Accessories

The Rev-A-Shelf booth was buzzing the entire show.  There was a constant flow of attendees rushing to see what was behind each cabinet door.  One of my favorites was the Door Mounted Mail Organizer.  The is a great addition to the “command center” of any home.  I could see this being installed in a pantry or home office.

I have been noticing that more and more of my clients are adding pull out drawers to their customers kitchens – Thank you Shelf Genie… It makes sense, you are in the home anyway.

Rev-A-Shelf’s Tupperware Storage Pull Out is the type of product that you could add to a clients’ existing kitchen cabinets or include in your pantry design.  I bet I’m not the only one constantly trying to find a matching lid and container –  this would solve that problem.

Satin Brass Hardware in Multiple Sizes

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have been saying for years that brass is getting more and more popular.  It seems like the Kitchen and Bath Industry has finally agreed on a finish, I’ll bet it’s not long before the closet industry does the same thing.   Many of the decorative hardware manufacturers seem to have copied the Kohler Satin Brass finish, which makes sense.   You will also see in the photos below the trend to have the same knob/handle in different sizes.  It’s a subtle difference that adds an architectural interest to your vanity or maybe your hutch section…

Remote Controlled Closet Doors

I know what you’re thinking – Why would I need that?  I’ll tell you why – because this product will make your showroom standout from your competition.  It’s a very high end product and you would be lucky to install one per month but it has a “WOW” factor that nobody will forget.  Smaller versions are available for entertainment systems, this is a pretty fun way to hide a TV.  The only downside is that the drilling is very precise – it has to be done with a CNC machine. Below is a video –


Your turn – what was the favorite trend that you saw at KBIS 2016?

KBIS 2016 – Trends in the Kitchen – End up in the Closet

When it comes to the design and innovation on display at KBIS – what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. The trends that you see there set the tone for the rest of the year. Even if you aren’t in the kitchen and bath industry, you have to pay attention to KBIS because eventually these trends end up in every room in the house.

There is so much that I want to tell you about KBIS 2016 that I have to split it into two posts.

In no particular order here are a few of my favorite pieces of new hardware.

Salice Flip Up Door Hardware –

This will change the way our industry does flip up doors.  Salice has made this a one step process.  You no longer need to install hinges and plates and than install the lift up hardware.  Everything is incorporated into the bracket.  The soft close lift up stay goes into a standard 35mm hinge hole.  The width of your door is no longer a concern, imagine the design possibilities.  You can have one 48″ door spanning two 24″ wide cabinets, really highlighting the trend in horizontal grains.   You can see the side by side comparison old technology vs new.

Charging Centers –

These USB charging grommets are a great addition to any home office or kitchen.  Doug Mockett offers many colors and configurations that will add a WOW factor to any job.

Rev-A-Shelf has a new USB grommet that connects to same transformer as their LED lighting.  If you were installing lighting, why wouldn’t you offer this grommet?  It can easily be hidden at the back of a cabinet or a hutch panel.

Pull Out Shelf Slide –

Salice’s booth was full of new items and this slide solves a major problem.  I constantly receive calls from customers that are trying to create pull out 3/4″ shelves.  Whether it’s for a printer in an office, a shelf to fold clothes or a pull out shoe shelf.  There hasn’t been a great solution until now.

This slide is available as a soft close or a push open and can be mounted to a 3/4″ thick shelf.  All you need is add a facia in the front to cover the mounting hardware.  The best part about this is slide is you can add as many as you want to increase the weight capacity.  The picture below shows 3 slides working together on a 36″ wide shelf.  I was really impressed by the how smooth the slide was.

Voices of the Industry Presentation –

Besides shopping for new hardware I also presented at KBIS with Denise Butchko.  This year our topic was “The CEO’s Guide to Social Media” The session had standing room only and we answered 20 minutes worth of questions after it was over.  Denise and I are presenting this session again as a webinar on February 1st at 10:00 a.m. eastern time.  Click here to register.

Look for the second part of this post coming next week.

Your turn – did you attend KBIS?  What were some of your favorite products or trends?