Your Hardware Tip – Sliding doors could increase your sales…

You go into a client’s home and they walk you into their bedroom to show you their closet… How many times have they opened the sliding door and it sounded like a garbage truck was driving by?

Now your client has newly organized closets behind these old noisy sliding doors… how long before they change them?  Will they call you?  Or another company that advertises sliding doors?

The majority of my customers will not install sliding doors and I’m not sure why… It’s easier to increase your sales with an existing client than get a new one, and yet most of my customers don’t offer doors.

In these times when everyone is fighting for jobs and there doesn’t seem to be a bottom, doesn’t it make sense to provide your client with a service – like getting rid of those old noisy doors?

There are many varieties of sliding door hardware on the market.  From bi-passing doors to room dividers your local distributor should have hardware suitable for your needs.  You will need to provide them with the material of your door, the door thickness and the application.

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