LinkedIn Posts That Will Cost You Customers

Are your posts costing you clients?

If your posts are anything like the ones below that I can guarantee they are!!

Worst LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, it’s not business causal and it’s definitely not a dating site –

Sounds like common sense right?

Yet more and more people are sharing posts like the above screen shot.

Denis Butchko and I collected what we think are some of the worst posts you will ever see…

Some I wouldn’t share on any platform.

Watch this short video and let me know what you think – You know I love your comments.

Are Your Facebook Posts Annoying??

Are Your Facebook Posts Annoying?I love that more and more of my clients are embracing social media – That’s the good news…

The bad news is that I cringe a little when I see some of their posts… Think about how fingernails on a chalkboard make you feel… 🙂

If you would allow me to get up on my soapbox and give you 5 ways you can tell if your posts are annoying –

Your posts are so long that I have to click “continue reading”

I understand sometimes you have a lot to say, but Facebook is not the place for a 150 word rant…

According to Buffer – the ideal length of a Facebook post is only 40 characters… Yes characters not words.

Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement.

Your photos are not the right size.

Most people use their phone to scroll their newsfeed a few times per day.

If your pic is the wrong size not only will it reduce engagement, I think it comes off as lazy.

It’s so easy to re-size your pics.  You can use a free web-based software like

If you wondering what the right size is – it’s 500 x 500 pixels.

Your tweets are posted to Facebook.

Twitter is different than Facebook.

Posting your tweets to Facebook once in a while is ok, but I don’t want to see your RT’s or your responses to someone on Twitter in my Facebook news feed… What value does that offer me?

There are better ways to multitask and save time with social media…

Email me and I’ll give you some tricks that I use.

You like your own posts.

This isn’t that offensive… I just think it looks a little desperate.

If you where speaking with a group of friends would you “High 5” yourself?

Sort of the same thing as “liking” your own post.

Every post is a sales pitch.

This is the fastest way to lose a fan.  People don’t scroll Facebook to be sold…

They are looking for info, something funny or entertaining…

If that’s not a good enough reason for you to ditch the sales pitch – Facebook has changed their algorithm so that only the “good” stuff rises to the top and the boring stuff isn’t seen by anyone…

Continually posting sales pitches will hurt you more than it will help.

Remember just because your 19 year old niece knows how to use Facebook, doesn’t mean that they should be the voice of your company… Would you send her on a sales call?

Fess up – How many are you guilty of?

Did I miss any?  I would love to hear your thoughts?

What’s Your Social Media Temperature?

What's Your Social Media Temperature

What was the last item that you purchased?

How did you make your decision? Was it based on price?

How much research did you do before you walked into the store?

Before I booked my summer vacation I was researching hotels and reading reviews on-line.  I came across a site that worked with my Facebook account…

I clicked further and found that one of the hotels that I was considering was reviewed by 3 of my Facebook friends. As soon as I saw their reviews my decision was made…

Now let’s turn the conversation to your brand…

What do you find when you Google yourself or your company?

If your answer is nothing – “I’m good I don’t do any of that social media stuff… “

Well I have bad news for you – that is probably worse than negative reviews…

At least negative reviews give you an opportunity to reply and look like you care.

No results – to me – means your hiding something… It’s almost like you don’t exist.

And if you don’t think your customers are researching you before they schedule that design consultation you’re in denial…

This is what I don’t understand –

We use social media every day in our personal lives and in our own buying habits but when it comes to promoting our brand or our company we don’t think social media is important…

Everyone else does and the longer you try to push against it, the deeper that hole gets…

Go ahead Google yourself now and let me know what you find…

P.S. I just started hanging out on Instagram… Are you there two? Let’s connect!

Build Your Brand or Risk Extinction!!

Build Your Brand or Risk Extinction

This post is for employees, business owners, recent graduates… Anyone that isn’t planning to inherit their rich grandparent’s fortune… 🙂

Yes the economy is back… My clients are busy no matter their market and there seems to be enough work to go around.

Congratulate yourself for making it to this point, but now is not the time to get comfortable… It’s time to double down!!

Are you sharing content?

Are you creating fans?

Are you building a network?

If you’re not you’re competitor is…

This might not affect your bottom line today or tomorrow…

The problem is that by the time you realize that you need to start creating your army it will be too late…

Want to avoid extinction??

  • Start by taking a look at your social media profiles. Are they complete and current?
  • Is your content appropriate? Does your audience care that Kim Kardashian’s baby just turned 1?
  • Are you sincere? If not your audience will pick up on this right away.
  • Do you share content with a smile? You have heard the expression, you can hear a smile over the phone, well you can hear a smile in your writing.
  • Do you appreciate your network? Always thank your audience for listening to your thoughts and sharing your content.

Your turn – did I miss any?

What do you do to build your brand? I love reading your comments.

If you enjoyed it, please share with your network.

Are you using any other platforms? Let’s connect on Twitter, Facebook or G+.

5 Ways to Consistently Curate Content

The word Content on a cork notice board

Say that 10 times fast…

Creating fresh content for your audience isn’t always easy.

Other obligations and/or life get in the way…

Another way to give back to your network is by sharing articles, blog posts or videos that you find value in.

Believe it or not this is a lot more time consuming that it sounds.

In the beginning I would spend hours searching the web for the right article…

Keeping in mind my different audiences on different platforms.

Until I learned a few tricks and came across some websites that help with grabbing content worth sharing.

Best of all – these tools are all free – is a site that allows you to pick the topics you are interested in.  These topics range from technology to fashion to business.  Within each topic you can than pick the news source that you want to save and feature in your feed.  These are credible sources like Business Week or Fast Company and are usually a good source of information. is similar to The amount of information available to you is incredible.  I lean towards Feedly because it easier to scan and personalize, you may prefer Alltop.  Both are worth checking out and bookmarking. is designed to be a digital newsletter.  It automatically searches the web for up to 25 topics and lays the stories out like a newspaper.  The layout makes it really easy to scan.  You can change the topics or content sources anytime.  I like to use to save Twitter # “hash-tags.”

A private board on  I get a lot of my social media done after hours, which isn’t always the optimal time for sharing…   Pinning the story to a private board makes it really easy to share later.  This tip came from a Guy Kawasaki webinar that I attended.

“Favoriting” tweets on Twitter is similar to a “Like” on Facebook.  I use the favorite button a little different.  If I’m scanning Twitter and see a tweet with a link to an article that I think might be interesting, I “favorite” it.  Twitter saves your “favorited” tweets so you can access later – I find this a great way to maximize my time on Twitter.

Your turn – Are you currently sharing content with your audience?

How do you manage the articles?  What sources are you using?

Do you have any questions?  Post them below, I’m happy to help!

Thank you for reading!!