Closet Conference Eve – 10 things that I hope to learn at the conference…

Right now I am on the plane flying to Austin for the Closet Conference.  I am guessing that by now you have already decided whether or not to attend…

I have been attending these conferences every year since the beginning and I always come away with a few tips to pass along to my customers that couldn’t attend…

I don’t expect to meet a wizard with a crystal ball, but you never know… So here is my wish list –

  1. How to be more profitable
  2. How to build a great reputation
  3. The best way to manage inventory
  4. Managing advertising dollars and the leads that come from it
  5. What services should you be offering to increase profit and sales
  6. What makes you different
  7. Motivating your employees, from sales to the shop
  8. Eliminating service calls
  9. The latest trends in the market
  10. How to increase the chances of a seamless installation

If I come away with answers to half of these questions the trip was well worth it.

Have I missed any?  Is there anything that you are hoping to take out of the conference?