Going to KBIS Next Week?

Last year the Kitchen and Bath show had over 500 exhibitors and more than 125,000 attendees. The energy that surrounds this show makes it one of my favorites.

This is the Sexiest Show of the Year – Even the Water is Pretty.

KBIS 2016

It’s Vegas – would you expect anything less?

The exhibitors go all out, not only will you find the newest innovations and latest finishes to hit the market. Last year while in one of the booths there was a chef preparing and serving the best black cod I ever ate.

A Sneak Peak at KBIS 2016.

While doing some early research I found a few products that I wanted to see in person.

Rev-A-Shelf’s over the refrigerator pull out. In many homes this cabinet is a black hole and access to the back is always a problem. It looks like Rev-A-Shelf came up with a great solution.

KBIS 2016

Atlas Hardware’s new French Gold finish. For years we have been seeing an uptick in the use of brass accents in women’s jewelry, handbags and clothing. It has been creeping back into home decore and this finish could be one of the hot colors of the year. I think it matches great with the grey and white cabinetry people are using.

KBIS 2016

ETemplate Systems new 3D measuring system is fully compatible with most of the design software on the market. It sounds like it would save designers time and eliminate mistakes.

KBIS 2016

Besides looking for new products I am also one of the Voices of the Industry. This is the third year that I am speaking on social media. Denise Butchko and I created a fun and informative presentation – “The CEO’s Guide to Social Media” – We are looking forward to teaching CEO’s how to measure social success and help them understand what they can and cannot outsource.

If you’re not attending KBIS 2016, keep an eye for my upcoming post about the hot new products.

If you are going, I look forward to seeing you there!

KBIS 2015 – The Mayor’s Top 3 Takeaways

The aisles were packed with people looking for new ideas and innovation – and the exhibitors delivered!

Couple that with over 90 educational sessions being offered and KBIS is becoming the MUST attend show of the year!

Rev-A-Shelf Booth @KBIS 2015

Rev-A-Shelf’s Booth Was An Attendee Favorite

In this post we discuss the finish that won’t go away, a new way for your customers to pick their decorative hardware and 360 degrees of storage.

Some of you may cringe when I say this – brass is showing up even more this year. No it’s not that ugly polished brass that you immediately think of.

KBIS 2015 Trend - Brass Is BackThis is a satin or brushed finish that works with wood grains and could be coupled with glossy white material to give a contemporary look. I saw entry sets, faucets, shower heads and decorative hardware in many of the booths.  We all know that once consumers start using brass in their kitchens and baths it will run thru the entire home… Closets are not far behind.

This next photo is a great way for your customers to decide on their decorative hardware.

KBIS 2015 Trends

Keeler used metal drawer faces wrapped in different melamine colors so that you could easily mix and match finishes. This is an awesome idea for your showroom and something that you could easily accomplish if you use FastCaps Power Magnets and your standard drawer faces. I loved this and everyone visiting the booth was playing with the display. This is a great way to get your potential customers to visit your showroom.  If you can get them in the door, it’s your job to lose and the price of the typically increases.

Shoe storage is always a hot button when it comes to designing closets.  Plus Closets had their Lazy Lee 360 Organizer on display. I had seen the video and was even more impressed when I saw it in person. The rotation is smooth and silent.  It could be used for shoes, you could add drawers or baskets – it was a nice way to use a corner. The only downside is the size – you need to have a walk-in closet large enough to accommodate the 40” x 40” unit.

It’s your turn – What was your favorite part of KBIS or IBS?

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The Mayor’s Best of KBIS/IBS 2014. You will love # 5…

20140204_120513I’m still recovering from 6 days in Vegas and boy was it worth it!

The show had about 75,000 attendees, the aisles were packed with people and the line at Starbucks was never less than a 30 minute wait…

I can’t remember the last show that had this much energy and excitement surrounding it.

Vendors were showing new products, consumers were spending money and everyone seemed optimistic about the economy.

Here are 5 of my favorite items –

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.59.04 AMGlidware.com is a brand new product that allows you to store pots and pans vertically.  How many of you have pots in a drawer that are all stacked on top of one another?  This makes accessing your pots really easy.  Also could be used to hang mops or brooms in a pantry…

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.05.32 AMThe Docking Drawer is a solution to your countertop clutter.  My family of 5 we has phones, tablets, and iPods all over the counter.  This gets everything in a drawer and out of the way.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.11.58 AMRev-A-Shelf’s universal pull down allows the contents of your upper cabinet to be brought down to you.  No longer will you need a step stool to reach the upper shelves.  The removable acrylic bins give everything a place to keep your cabinet organized.

20140205_112248-bAbove is a picture that I took with my phone.  It’s Atlas Hardware’s new brass finish.

This shade of brass was all over the show floor – from faucets to handles.

Brass has gained momentum over the last year.  Women are wearing gold jewelry, watches and many leading designers are including brass on their products… How many Michael Kors bags does your wife own??

I really like it and think that we are going to see more of it.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.14.24 PMThis was one of my favorites – Brewcave.com 

I’m trying to convince my wife to buy me one for Valentine’s Day.  It’s basically a walk-in beer closet – with a TAP!

Click here for the complete Best of KBIS list.

Where you at KBIS?

Which products or trends did you like?

It was such a busy show I’m sure that I missed something…

Looking forward to your comments!

Looking For New Hardware @KBIS2014…


I’m here all week looking for the latest and greatest in hardware…

Instead of me guessing what you need – I thought I would ask –

What are your customers asking for?

What new finishes keep coming up?

What type of hardware will make your installations easier?

What are you having a problem getting?

What is on your wish list??

In the comments below tell me how I can help…

I’m happy to be your personal shopper…  🙂