Closet Hardware You Have Been Asking For

Drying Rack

It’s been a couple of weeks since the big changes at Eveready, (you can read the full story here) and I can’t believe the amount of product lines that I can offer you!

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning – every week I un-wrap something new…

Here are two items that many of you have asked me about in the past –

Murphy Beds –

This model is my favorite – you can put it behind a sofa, with or without shelving. It features automatic legs and is made to be slept on every night.

Drying Racks –

Ever since Houzz has become popular the requests for drying racks have gone thru the roof. Here is an option that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.

I have a complete offering of decorative hardware, edge banding, drawer boxes, doors and the list goes on.

Head over to to see our complete offering.

As I learn more I’ll keep sharing… 🙂

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KBIS 2015 – The Mayor’s Top 3 Takeaways

The aisles were packed with people looking for new ideas and innovation – and the exhibitors delivered!

Couple that with over 90 educational sessions being offered and KBIS is becoming the MUST attend show of the year!

Rev-A-Shelf Booth @KBIS 2015

Rev-A-Shelf’s Booth Was An Attendee Favorite

In this post we discuss the finish that won’t go away, a new way for your customers to pick their decorative hardware and 360 degrees of storage.

Some of you may cringe when I say this – brass is showing up even more this year. No it’s not that ugly polished brass that you immediately think of.

KBIS 2015 Trend - Brass Is BackThis is a satin or brushed finish that works with wood grains and could be coupled with glossy white material to give a contemporary look. I saw entry sets, faucets, shower heads and decorative hardware in many of the booths.  We all know that once consumers start using brass in their kitchens and baths it will run thru the entire home… Closets are not far behind.

This next photo is a great way for your customers to decide on their decorative hardware.

KBIS 2015 Trends

Keeler used metal drawer faces wrapped in different melamine colors so that you could easily mix and match finishes. This is an awesome idea for your showroom and something that you could easily accomplish if you use FastCaps Power Magnets and your standard drawer faces. I loved this and everyone visiting the booth was playing with the display. This is a great way to get your potential customers to visit your showroom.  If you can get them in the door, it’s your job to lose and the price of the typically increases.

Shoe storage is always a hot button when it comes to designing closets.  Plus Closets had their Lazy Lee 360 Organizer on display. I had seen the video and was even more impressed when I saw it in person. The rotation is smooth and silent.  It could be used for shoes, you could add drawers or baskets – it was a nice way to use a corner. The only downside is the size – you need to have a walk-in closet large enough to accommodate the 40” x 40” unit.

It’s your turn – What was your favorite part of KBIS or IBS?

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The Poor Man’s CNC…

Fastcap distributed by the Mayor of Hardware

Well maybe this doesn’t have the capabilities of a CNC, but it’s an easy way to do “selective drilling.”

Use it on site or in the field.

Watch Brian Way show us how –

Another time saver from Fastcap!!

If you need more info contact your local Fastcap distributor or you can leave your questions below…

I’m happy to help!

Are You Up On The Latest Handle Trend?

Lilly Handle

Decorative hardware is always difficult to predict.  You never know what’s going to take off and what’s going to be a dog…

There seems to be a growing demand for square handles…

Currently the ones on the market are a little high priced for closets.

I have been selling the above Lilly handles for about two years and it’s really beginning to gain popularity.

Is it as nice as the expensive ones – Not really…

Once I tell customers it’s half the price… it gets much nicer.  :0)

Some of my customers are beginning to replace the stainless steel bar handles with the Lilly handles…

If you would like more info about this collection or have a hardware question please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Coming Soon to Your Local Distributor…

This is the second post about the new products on display at AWFS 2013… Click here if you missed Part 1.

rev-a-shelf blind coner

Rev-A-Shelf gives kitchen designers another option when choosing blind corner units, pull out drawers, and pull out pantries… The new look features Anti-Skid Maple shelving, chrome wire fencing and soft close – making these accessories perfect for those high-end kitchens.


Sugatsune introduced a new panel mounting system.  This system allows you to mount panels to a wall with no visible fasteners, allows easy installation and is ideal if panels need to be removed.  With multiple mounting options and different weight ratings, I’m sure that there is an option that will work for you…

For more information about panel mounting hardware – click to watch the Sugatsune video.

Locker lock

Are you working on a locker room for a gym, country club or school?  If yes, than this cam lock could save you some time.  It’s a handle and cam lock all in one and features an anti-theft knob that will make it nearly impossible to clip the lock.

Your turn – what was some of your favorite new products from AWFS?

Your local distributor should be able to give you more info on the above products, if not please feel free contact me at