ClosetCon Recap – Part III

I appreciate all of you reading the last 3 weeks.  This is the last post in a series about ClosetCon 2022.

In case you have missed the first two posts, here are links to Part I about our new closet accessory program and Part II about lighting.

This week I wanted to touch on a topic that I am still receiving calls about…

Drawer blanks, drawer boxes and baltic birch material.

Even if they have a steady supply right now, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

If you have been following along, you know one of the major differences with Richelieu is that we dive very deep into a product category.  So whether you want to make your own drawers or outsource them we have a solution.

Flat Packed Birch Drawers

Our ready to assemble doweled birch plywood drawers are stocked in standard closet widths and in three heights.

Use a little wood glue, tap together and away you go.

These are really easy to use and made for anyone using ball bearing slides in a standard closet opening.

Here’s a link to for more info.

Standard isn’t for you?

We also have cut to size 5/8″ x 60″ baltic birch drawer blanks, with or without banding on top.

Click here to see the drawer blank program.

Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Only outsource your drawers when the installation calls for under mount slides?

No problem – we have you covered.

Here is a link to our birch drawer box configurator.

Want to offer a different species of wood – we can do that too, here’s the link.

Our configurators are really easy to use, work through the prompts and in less than two minutes you will have a price.

These work great with our 828 under mount slide and new closet clip.

The new closet clip allows you to install a 13-1/2″ drawer on a 14″ vertical without having to notch the front of the drawer.  This is huge for the closet industry.

Want to use under mounts, but don’t want to lose control of your production?

Check out our new metal box program.

The Optimizer-R drawer box is the perfect solution.

The Optimizer-R is stocked in standard drawer slide depths from 12″ – 26″, 3 heights (18″ and deeper adds a 4th height), and 3 colors.

You cut a 5/8″ back and bottom to make this drawer box totally customizable.

If you have any questions about our drawer program, under mounts or new closet clip please don’t hesitate to reach out to me – at

If you are in the closet industry and have never attended ClosetCon you need to put in on your list for 2023.

Here is a photo from the Top Shelf Awards.  You can see from the smiling faces, it was a great cocktail party hosted by Rev-A-Shelf.

Every year it feels like a family reunion that just keeps growing

Thank you for reading.

ClosetCon 2022 Recap – Part II

I’m truly humbled by the amount of people that read last week’s blog post featuring our new closet accessory program with all matching finishes. If you missed it – you can check it out here.

As you would imagine rolling out a new program when the world is “normal” can be a challenge – well doing it during a pandemic, while dealing with raw material challenges and logistic issues – it’s nearly impossible.

All that said I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new closet lighting program.  We have lighting solutions for all budgets and applications.

Battery Powered Lighting

Our new low profile rechargeable LED closet light is the perfect solution for those on a budget or someone that wants an easy surface mounted solution.  Designed for inside closets, cabinets and drawers.

The built in motion sensor will automatically turn on the light when a door or drawer is opened.  Conveniently recharges with a micro USB cable and easily mounts with a magnetized installation bracket.

Available in black and white, in warm or neutral lighting.  You can find more info on

Wireless Horizontal Lighting

Our new Vario lighting system allows you to have fully adjustable shelving without having to worry about wires.  This is a major breakthrough for our industry.  Imagine being able to adjust the shelving in a shoe section for boots, heels or handbags.

All you have to do is route a metal channel (available in black or white) in one vertical panel and recess your light fixture in the shelf.

You no longer need to double up your vertical panels.

You no longer need to use 16′ of LED tape that is run up and down the vertical panels to light up a 24″ wide section.  Think about the money that you will save on LED lights, power supplies, aluminum channels and labor.

We also stock light fixtures 3″ less your standard closet width which allows room for the wires and takes the frustration out of cutting aluminum channels, and tape.  Fixtures are available in aluminum and matte black in either warm or neutral lighting.

You can learn more about the Vario lighting system here.  Here is the link to the lighting fixtures.

Silicone Lighting for Vertical Panels

This is the best option on the market for lighting up vertical panels.  Our new silicone LED tape comes pre-wired with a built in starter wire, doesn’t require an aluminum channel, and can be installed back to back so no double vertical panels!  Are you recognizing a theme… Stop using double panels its expensive and wastes space.

Our new silicone tape the AT6 is a 1/4″ wide X 1/4″ deep, can be cut every inch, can turn corners and can be surface mounted as well as recessed.

Learn more about the AT6 LED tape here.

Want a few more reasons to consider Richelieu for your lighting needs?

  • Wireless door sensors, remotes, and wall switches.
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa.
  • Tune-able white lighting – go from warm to cool lighting with a push of a button.

Don’t want to change the way that you currently light closets?

No problem – we also stock everything that you are using today.

  • Puck lights
  • LED Tape
  • Aluminum channels

If you would like more info about Richelieu lighting please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local rep or you can email me at

Thank you so much for reading.

Sidelines Closet Accessories Now in Stock at Richelieu

If you have been in the closet industry for the last 10 years you are very familiar with the Sidelines brand.

Sidelines was the first company to make high end closet accessories, chrome wire baskets and of course their famous ironing board.  They supplied most of the industry, until they ran into inventory issues, which ultimately led to Rev-A-Shelf purchasing them.

Rev-A-Shelf corrected the inventory issues and relaunched the closet program.

Even though this is a throwback to closet accessories – there are some unique items which I believe will get traction with your clients and make you more profitable.

There isn’t anything on the market like the deluxe and premier ironing boards.  If you are upgrading your showroom, this is a must add.

The pull out 3-way mirror is another unique item and an easy way to add to your average sale.

The mesh tilt out hampers might not be a new item, but they are priced right and includes one of the best flap stays.  Available for an 18”, 24” and 30” wide section.  This item will save you money.

The single and triple hooks are another item that I think hits the right price point.  The concealed screws, gives your mudroom a higher end look without breaking the bank.

The swivel belt and tie racks are patented items that work great with U-shaped closets and really make it easy to see all of your belts and ties.

Click to see the complete brochure.

For more info reach out to your local Richelieu rep or you can contact me at

Thank you for reading!


Sliding Doors Could Be The Answer…

If you were around in 2008, you remember fighting for every job and trying to come up with ways to stand out from the crowd.

Some of you did it with price – discounts on woodgrains and hardware, financing, or quick installation.

Others added to their offering, trying to capture more spaces in the home and hopefully increasing the average sale.  Pull out drawers in lower kitchen cabinets, garage flooring, window coverings or even shower doors.

In 2008, I was working for Eveready Hardware and we came up with a sliding door program that many of you added to your standard offering.  It helped us get thru the recession and some of you are still offering this program today.

I’m not sure what the rest of this year will look like, all I know is that increasing your average sale is never a bad thing.

Not sold on sliding doors?

Think about this –

How many times have you installed a beautiful reach in closet behind noisy builder grade bypassing doors?

Do you think if you had a program in place you could get 20% of those clients to buy doors from you?

Let’s start with the competition – There aren’t many options for your client to buy new sliding doors.

They could do a weekend project, buy the doors from Home Depot, and hope they are the right size.  I don’t think someone that just spent a couple of thousand dollars on closets really wants to do that.

Sure, they could try to find a reliable contractor (good luck) and have custom doors made.  Again, I don’t think most people want to do that and it would be expensive.

If there is a Sliding Door Company in your market, they make beautiful glass doors and are a great solution. Except they are expensive, there is a long lead time and families with young children might not want glass doors.

So, you can see there really isn’t much competition.

Offering your clients sliding doors gives you an opportunity to increase your average sale, and helps you differentiate yourself – as a total solution.

Richelieu offers sliding door hardware solutions to fit every budget and application.  We even have a team of technical specialists that can help you decide which system is right for you.

If you are just getting started below are my “go-to” systems that should cover the majority of your applications.  They are easy to use and work with ¾” material.

  • 89DCD2M – This is a top hung system that will hold 99lbs per door and all the hardware is surface mounted which makes it very user friendly.  Band a ¾” panel, add one of our oversized handles to the door and you easily just added $1000 to the total sale of that installation.
  • 89CD40CX – Don’t want to hang the doors off the header?  Building a built-in wardrobe or a garage cabinet? The CD40 could be the system for you.  This is a bottom rolling system that features adjustable bottom rollers and a top guide for smooth travel.
  • Bridge 600 – Need something that will hold more than 99lbs?  Want to add a few more bells and whistles – like soft close and a full-length aluminum handle?  Bridge 600 is a perfect solution.  It features an upper guide rail and lower track for smooth/quiet travel.  Surface mount hardware and sold in kits makes this system very user friendly.
  • PL2550 – Does your customer prefer full access to the closet? The PL2550 is the perfect solution. It’s a bi-fold door system made for ¾” panels.  Only drilling required is one 35mm hinge hole, everything else is surface mounted.  It also features a top track and carrier that will prevent any door sag.

Are you a little more advanced?

Working with high-end clients?

Our co-planar door hardware is the best on the market.  Co-planar hardware is a by-passing door system that when closed, the doors are flush – keeping a consistent reveal that most high-end clients are looking for.

If you would like more information about our sliding door offering please visit – here is a link to our sliding door selection wizard or reach out to your local Richelieu rep.

Are you currently offering sliding doors?

What are the obstacles?

Any wins?

I would love to hear your comments.

Thank you for reading!

The Winner IS…

For those of you that have missed it, there has been an interesting debate going on in the ACSP Facebook group.

Wendy Scott – ACSP President, bet Eric Marshall – President Elect, that valet rods were most popular closet accessory.  Eric argued the tilt out hamper.

Coming from a profitability standpoint, if you have the room it makes the most sense to include at least one hamper in every closet you design.  Besides selling a more expensive accessory, you are also adding a door.

If you are looking at ease of installation, and an accessory that fits in every closet – valet rod is the clear winner.

I created a TiK ToK video and posted it on Instagram and Facebook.

In case you missed it – let me know what you think.


It came right down to the wire.

Valet rods took an early lead and I think that Eric might have stuffed the ballot but ultimately hampers ended up the winner!

I think that you should be offering both accessories as often as possible.

Increasing your average sale is the easiest way to be more profitable.

Also a quick FYI –

The ACSP has start doing Zoom Topic Tuesdays.  It’s basically a virtual round table giving everyone an opportunity to network in place and share ideas.

  • The first one was “Home Offices from Design to Install”
  • This week we discussed “What Are YOU Doing Today That Will Help YOU Succeed Tomorrow”

Next week is all about marketing.  “What’s working, what’s not.”  Attendees will share some of their best tips.  Here’s a link to the Facebook invite.

Also, I just want to remind everyone that I am still scheduling virtual sales meetings with design teams, if I can help you keep your designers engaged please let me know.

Stay safe and I look forward to “Zooming” with you soon.