Ignore the Connection Between Millennials and Home Storage at Your Own Risk…

Last week NY Times reporter Penelope Green shared her experience living in a 300 square foot micro apartment in Kips Bay, Manhattan.   (Click for full article)

After watching the video – do you want to move in?

Of course you do – There are so many things to love!

Glossy cabinets, LED lighting, and transforming furniture.

It’s a luxury dorm room in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Why is this important to you and your business?

The obvious – every inch of space needs to be maximized in these micro apartments.  A Murphy Bed, a suspended cabinet that turns into a 5′ dinner table, and a hidden drying rack are a few of the necessities.

What does this have to do with millennials?

I already told you it’s like a luxury dorm room.  These apartments are perfect for a single, 30 something, with a good job living in the city…  I bet micro apartments develop a cult following and that MTV is already planning a reality TV show.

Take it a step further and when these millennials finally do settle down and start a family guess what they will need… Yep Closets!!

Are you ready to sell to millennials?  Here are 10 ways their shopping habits differ from other generations.

What do you think about micro living?  Do you think it will catch on?

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