The Mayor’s Hardware Review – AWFS 2013…


Many of the exhibitors had new items on display – from battery operated LED closet rods to decorative European hinges… This is part 1 of my review of AWFS – Hope you enjoy it!

Here is a look at 4 items that I thought were interesting –

Light up rod and mini light

The above photo shows two different types of battery operated LED lights for closets or cabinets.  Yes you heard me battery operated…

The LED closet rod comes in 5 different sizes, features a motion sensor and can be trimmed…

The mini LED light fits into your 32mm hole pattern and is great for adding extra light to your shelving sections – Think about how cool a light up shoe section would be or imagine lighting up the inside of drawers…                             Salice hinge-1                     Salice hinge-2

Next – European decorative hinges by Salice – the pictures doesn’t do it justice…

It comes in chrome, brass, orb and more wood grains than I can remember.  It features soft close and the installs like a standard European hinge.

If you’re installing high end closets, cabinets or furniture, you may want consider offering this… I have never seen anything like it and it could be what separates you from your competition…

Torque Hinge

Another interesting hinge that I saw was the “Torque Hinge.”  At first look it appeared to be a heavy duty butt hinge… After playing with the display I was very impressed…

The stainless steel hinge can be surface mounted on any toy chest or cabinet and it will allow the door to be held in any position or angle without the need of a flap stay.  All of a sudden those flip up doors have become very easy to install… For heavier doors, just add more hinges…

Your turn – What was your favorite part of AWFS 2013?

Was it the Stiles machine tour of Tanked?   New hardware or all of the new board colors??

Stay tuned for next week’s post for more on AWFS.  As alway if I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me at



  1. I’m intrigued by the battery operated LED’s

    • They were pretty bright. You could add a couple to a job during the final walk thru… It could make you look like a rockstar for a few dollars.

  2. Big Xris says:

    We are intrigued by the new LED systems and continuing upgrades. I have some concerns about batt operated lights but am excited for the future of LED’s. Do you have a lighted closet rod that has a wire that fits through the rod holder cup? A clean install where the wire runs through the partition and completely hidden would look amazing.

    • I agree the downside to battery operated is once the batteries die – do consumers actually change them… but I could see a practical use for these battery operated units.

      I don’t have a wired rod – I know Hafele does – not sure if the wire goes thru the cup. If wiring thru the vertical you would need a double panel and probably some moulding… That can waste space and start to get pricey.

      I do agree it would look awesome!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!!

  3. Nissim says:

    The mini LED look so cool. Where can we order a few to try out? Rich, do you carry them?

    Thank you for sharing!

    • The Mayor of Hardware says:

      I agree I thought the mini LED was an interesting item. I don’t have any in stock yet, but I did order some samples – I wanted some customer feedback before I brought them in. I’ll let you know as soon as I receive them.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!! Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. s davis says:

    i want to order the battery cothes rod

    • The Mayor of Hardware says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thank you for your interest. As soon as it becomes available I can let you know.

      What is the name of your company or contact info? It’s probably a couple of months out.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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