Increase your profits with hampers….

I’m sure if there is enough space in your design most of you will add a hamper…

If you’re like most in the industry it’s a tilt out… Why?

It’s not the least expensive option and the argument can be made that it’s a service call waiting to happen…

Is it because this is what you have always done?  Did anyone else just yawn?

Here are some hamper options that may help you stand out, increase the dollar value of your sale and hopefully increase your profits…

  • The least expensive and most versatile option is to use an 18” high pull out wire    basket.  It comes in all of your standard widths, three different depths, and three different finishes.  I’m sure that you will be able to find one that will work with your design.  Sell a canvas liner to add to your sale.  The downside to this option is that you can’t add a drawer face without some carpentry magic.

  • The mid-level option is also the biggest.  It’s a 20” wide X 14” deep X 24” high, vented white plastic hamper.  The basket can be easily removed and installs with four screws into a fixed shelf.  A door mount kit is available.

  • The Cadillac of hampers is a double wire hamper with an aluminum frame and soft close slides.  It’s made for a 14” deep vertical and fits snuggly in a 24” wide section.  Your door mounts to the frame and can be easily adjusted to give you the right reveal.  Sell the canvas liners to add to your sale.

Your turn… What are your tips or tricks when adding hampers to your designs?

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