Social distancing, home schooling & running your business!

This has been some ride.

Many of you were on pace for your best March ever, plenty of work in the pipeline and plans for expanding.

Now you are struggling with keeping your guys employed, juggling installs, and what does “essential business” really mean?!?

Are you in a state that is still allowed to work?

If you are, I know you are hustling to get as much done as you can because nobody knows what tomorrow brings…

Here is a list of things you can do to ease the concerns of your current customers.

  • Communicate the steps you are taking to keep your employees and clients safe. Examples are –
    • Following CDC guidelines.
    • Employees are staying home if they are sick. If you have paid sick leave let your clients know.
    • Cleaning work areas, tools, vans and home after the install is done. Make a quick video with you phone.  No, it doesn’t need to be perfect, just put it out there.

Send an email blast to everyone in your database, don’t have an email list?

Put this front and center on your website.

Hit the phones and let future installs know.

Do you work with builders, new construction?

Can you move up any of these installs?

Many of my customers in NY are requesting that there isn’t an overlap of trades on jobsites.  This is great way to keep your guys working.

Have you put a system in place to do virtual sales calls?

Zoom meetings work great.  I have used it to meet with my clients, my sales reps and even been a special guest at my customer’s sales meetings.  If you would like me to be part of your designer sales meeting please reach out.

Adding an inventory check list to your virtual sales call is a great way to get you client engaged in the project.

Do your clients know that you do garages?  Potential clients might be much more open to having you in their garage then in their bedroom.

Are you in a state that is sheltering in place?

Use this time to update your showroom, website and marketing plan.

COVID-19 isn’t going to last forever, make sure you are ready when your clients come back.  All of your clients are home right now organizing their houses… I know that’s what my family is doing.

Start to think about ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Richelieu has unique products like anti-bacterial melamine panels, solid surface material, and decorative hardware.  As you can imagine, the interest on these products exploded in the last 30 days.

We also use the good, better, best strategy for many of our products.  Review your current offering, do you have good, better, best option for handles, hooks, accessories, panels, etc?  If you don’t we should talk.

How can you save your client money without reducing margin?

Or what about going the other way – how can you increase your average sale if given the opportunity?

Many of the above ideas have come from the ACSP (Association of Closet & Storage Pros) Facebook group and The Closet Summit’s message board.  Leaning on your peers will help you get thru this difficult time.

Last week I was a guest on the Cabinet Maker Profit Podcast, interviewed by Dominic Rubino.

The topic was “How to Sell Home Installs in a Time of Crisis”Click to here to listen to the podcast.

Not into podcasts, you can watch the interview on YouTube.

I would like to take a second to recognize all those on the front lines.  Thank you to first responders, grocery stores, delivery drivers and everyone else that is risking their own health to keep us safe and fed.

If there is anything that I do to help you during this time please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

We will get thru this!

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