Expand Your Offering & Watch Sales Increase…


Today there was a story out that Ikea is planning to offer solar panels – What’s your initial reaction?

What will the instructions be like?

Are they put together with cams and dowels?

Once you get the jokes out of the way –

I’ll bet the panels will be affordable.

Ikea could change the solar panel industry… Isn’t that what they did to the furniture industry?

Ikea could be very successful as long as the panels are marketed correctly.

As long as they are ready to answer questions and make it easy for consumers.

What do solar panels have to do with your business?  Nothing…

Think about expanding your product offering to your current customer base –

Sure many of you do garages – What about the floors or overhead garage storage?

Do you work with builders?  What about offering shower doors?  Central vacuums or insulation?

Initially you may think this can’t work –

What if you partnered up with flooring company or a shower door company and marketed to each other’s customer list?

Could you make extra revenue without doing much work?  Partnering up with the right company could open you up to a bunch of warm leads.

Finding the right partner could be difficult – What would your bottom line look like if you did?

Are you currently doing something like this?  What type of success are you having?

I would love to hear from you.

Here is the link to the Ikea story.  

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