Drilling Jigs That Save You Time and Maybe Your Day…

How many of you obsess over your installation schedule?

How early do you start to confirm those dates? One day, Two days, Three days in advance?

I know how stressful it is when a customer calls to re-schedule – I bet it’s even worse if you have to reschedule because you couldn’t finish the job the day before…

Do you have a system in place to avoid this? The bottle of Vodka under your desk is only a temporary solution…

Since the acquisition I have access to a handful of drilling jigs that will not only save you time but could also be the difference in finishing a job and getting paid, to having to go back and a blown up installation schedule…

Drilling Jig For 32mm System

Drilling Jig For Handles & Knobs

Drilling Jig For Cams

Drilling Jig For Hinges

Drilling Jig For Puck Lights

If you have any questions about the above jigs please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


  1. patti capri says:

    Thanks Richie! I am going to pass this on to my business partner and head installer. I think it is something very worthwhile for us to keep in our “bag of tricks”! Really appreciate you trouble shooting for us by providing valuable, and time saving, tips and products. –Patti Capri Owner Choptank Closets

    • Thank you Patti for taking the time to comment. As I’m going thru my new offering of products – I keep finding all of these new items that I think can really help. I’ll be sure to keep sharing. Thanks again!!

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