A Simple Social Media Strategy for 2013

getting social in 2013

This is the year, you know it’s important but you don’t have the time…

When you finally do sit down to begin your social media efforts you don’t know where to start – I know it’s frustrating and believe me you’re not alone!!! – Queue the theme song from X-Files…

Here are 5 tips to jump start your social media goals in 2013…

  1. Put it on the calendar. – Yes that’s right you need to create a schedule!  You wouldn’t blow off an appointment with a potential client so why blow off an opportunity to reach many potential clients… I find scheduling my social media efforts after hours allows me to be the most productive.
  2. Who is your audience? – Narrow your audience down and be as specific as possible.  That will make it easier to connect… Think about a networking event – is it easier to address the entire room or a small group of two or three people?
  3. Where does your audience hang out? – To get the most out of your efforts concentrate on the platforms that will lead to the most interaction with your potential customers.  Anyone in the closet or cabinet industry that is not on Houzz yet is really missing the boat!!
  4. Create content that is important to your audience. – You know who they are and where they hang out so now it’s time to create content that they care about.  Think about questions that you are asked throughout the week – can that be turned into a blog post?  Common problems that your customer faces – there’s another post… Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and show them how to organize them… Sorry bad closet joke, but I couldn’t resist.
  5. Interact with your audience. – As your audience grows they will begin to ask questions… This is the beginning of a sales call.  Respond honestly and quickly, ignoring these inquiries will have the opposite effect.

I hope this is the push you need to get started.  Pick a platform, get registered and begin getting social in 2013!

I help individuals and organizations to be successful… If you have any questions about social media or hardware please contact me at 347-723-7433 or you can email me at richdemarco@optonline.net.

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