Your Social Media Tip – Making the phone ring…

I have known most of my customers for over 10 years and consider many of them friends.  They ask my advice on everything from machinery and software to showrooms and marketing…

One question that comes up all the time is “How can I make the phone ring?”

My first question is always “Are you using social media?”

Their response is usually “I tried that once but it didn’t work”, or “no I don’t like Facebook.”

At that point I give my experience of getting 5 new customers in the last 6 months from Twitter… That might not sound like a lot, but its 5 more than I had before I started tweeting…

I know what you thinking – that’s a lot of work for 5 new customers.  Your right it is, and I’m happy to do it…  Aren’t you?

Social media is something that you can do to separate yourself from the competition.  Create an account on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter and start to engage your potential customer.

You are not going to create an account and 10 minutes later the phone will ring.  This is not pay-per-click advertising….  You need to be consistent with your message and your posts…

It takes time and practice (every day I learn something new) but it will make the phone ring!

Get on a social media site and start building your network today!

Have you already started building your network?  What has been your experience?

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  1. You do an excellent job with using social media platforms Richie – so people would be smart to give you a call and get inspired to start building their own networks. And if they’re not gonna get off their whining soap box of saying they don’t have time (don’t have time for business development??? Really???) then they need to consider the costs involved in not participating. Maybe we should dial them up on their land lines and give them a push 🙂
    I love the opportunities that have come my way from using social media – not just new business -but research, networking, education and laughter!

    • Wow that is some compliment coming from “The Queen of Social Media”.. Thanks, I couldn’t have got started without your help!

  2. Great Information! I believe providing thought leadership through our blog positions for opportunities it the future.

    • I agree, blogging is a great way to get our message out. You never know who will read it and what it will lead to. Thanks for commenting.

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