What makes you different?

Even though the economy is coming back and we are all doing much better than we were three years ago, we are still fighting for every order.  End users are becoming more demanding and their expectations are higher than ever before.  So I ask the question what makes you different?  There are many ways to be different from your competitor – I have customers that only use soft close slides, only use metal cams, or only use real wood.  Using high end materials are great, but that could price you out of your client’s budget.

Can you be different without adding extra cost to the job?  Sure you can, you just have to think outside the box.  I have some customers that drill 3mm holes instead of 5mm, others that hide the hanging rail and bracket behind a soffit so that it looks like a floor built system.  There might be a slight added expense to the bottom line, but not much.  These are just two examples of standing out in the crowd.  It’s the innovation that the client is looking for and will remember.  Again I ask – what makes you different?

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