The Mayor’s Top Trends & Products from IWF 2015

IWF 2015 Trends

New Pair Of Shoes – $100

Bar Tab – To Much To Put In Writing…

Catching Up With Friends And Seeing The Latest Trends – Priceless

Full Glass Doors Are Back?

IWF 2015 Trends

Your stereo cabinet from 1996 just got a facelift.

This is a photo from the Element Designs booth – You can see the all glass doors with non-bore glass door hinges.

These hinges were also on display in the Blum and Salice booths.

The hinge is glued to the door – which makes me a little nervous especially since – when I asked what type of glue is recommended – everyone said “Ask your glass guy.”

There could be a practical use for anyone producing bathroom mirrors.

Cover Up Those Plastic Cams…

IWF 2015 TrendsIt’s becoming more and more difficult for closet guys to match their plastic cams to the melamine.

Titus’ solution is a chrome cover cap that taps onto all single cams.

The photo is of a prototype that I thought looked pretty good.

I know what your thinking – those will never stay on.  I conducted a very scientific test…

After I snapped the cap on the cam I dropped the display on the floor and the cap was still in place.

I liked the concept, and the idea of eliminating all of those different color cams from inventory could save a lot of time, money and space.

Hide Your Hinges?

IWF 2015 Trends

We have all seen the metal plates that snap over the hinge arm and the cup.

This takes that to an entirely new level.  This rubber / plastic cover completely hides the hinge and the plate.

They had more color choices than you could ever want and it could be personalized – which I thought was really cool.

Interesting idea for those high end contemporary markets.

Relax In Your Kitchen With A Little Help From “ZEN”

IWF 2015 Trends

There seems to be a movement away from decorative hardware, many booths showed push open doors and drawers…

Personally I really like the way a handle finishes off a cabinet.

Zen was one of the sexiest handles that I have ever seen…

Yes I just described a handle as sexy… Maybe I have been in the hardware industry too long… 🙂

Check Out Those Curves…

IWF 2015 Trends

This new hourglass rod is reversible – flat on one side and ribbed on the other.

It also has a plastic cap on top to prevent scratching and a locking flange.

The two-piece flange is very forgiving and hides the cut nicely.

I’m really curious to see how this rod is received.

Before I walked the trade show floor – I had to stop and take a Selfie

IWF 2015 Trends

There are some really great people in our industry and catching up with them is always one of my favorite reasons for attending.

I thought this was a great show and I’m excited about the new products that will be hitting the market.

I would love to hear your thoughts… Leave them in the comments section below.


  1. The hinge covers are intriguing, particularly if they can be personalized. That’s the first place I look when there is existing cabinetry in order to determine who made it. Cool concept.

    The cam covers – if they’re chrome – then so much for the camouflage idea with trying to match the colors. I just don’t find anything “pretty” in cams, so the less obvious they are, the better for me.

    And you know I am obsessed with leather. Any version of it in hardware is exciting and so cool 🙂

    But mayor – what shoes did you buy? What shoes did you wear? Carrie Bradshaw wants to know.

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