Does Your Customer Feel Like Royalty?

Today Prince William and Catherine Middleton tied the knot and became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Some of us could care less and others were up early to watch the ceremony.  There were over a million people there; the coverage was on every media outlet from CNN to Twitter.  There was one point that you could read Catherine’s lips as she mouthed the word “Wow”.  Obviously I was watching the coverage pretty closely…  She knew that she would be the Duchess, but I am guessing that living it was much more intense than her wildest dreams. 

Do your customers feel like this after their new closet is installed?  Do you treat your customers like royalty?  I try to treat all of my customers the same – big or small.  I am quick to respond to their questions, accommodate their needs or find that one piece of hardware that nobody else can.  Do you ever consider upgrading their closet poles from oval to round, or swapping out the standard chrome knob for a crystal one?  For $25 you could surprise your customer with a simple upgrade that will blow them away and make them feel like royalty.  How many referrals will that get you?  You might be “wowed” by the results.

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