Closet Doors Get a Face Lift…


Last week I created content for you to share with your customers…

“Getting Ready For Your New Custom Closets” – It was one of my most viewed blogs ever!!  Here’s the link in case you missed it 

Since it was so successful I thought I would try it again –

If you haven’t noticed, sliding doors are everywhere and the trend isn’t going away…

Here is a link to an Ideabook on my Houzz profile called “Closet Doors Get a Face Lift”… 

Feel free to share the Ideabook with your audience…

As I always I’m trying to think of new ways to help you stand out in the crowd.  If I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me at



  1. Big Xris says:

    With the availability of custom glass becoming more ready, there are chances to add some really unique accents to a room or closet. We are starting to see a surge in custom etched and frosted glasses, as well as different styles and colors of mirrored finishes. I’m excited to see what new glass and lighting accents the future holds!

    • The Mayor of Hardware says:

      You’re a 100% correct… This trend is just getting started. Doors could become one of the features in a room.

      Thanks for commenting. Have a nice weekend!

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