Who are your customers?

Who are my customers – that’s easy any company with “closet” in their name or a clothes hanger in their logo.  Don’t you wish that your customers were just as easy to identify.  From the conversations that I have had with my customers lately it seems that Mrs. Jones is getting more demanding and her expectations are greater than ever before.  In a time when gas prices are over $4 per gallon, Japan is dealing the after effects of a tsunami and the war in the middle east goes on with no end in sight, I had my biggest month in three years.  With all of these factors March was one of my best months since the recession started, and even with all of the holidays in April we are still going strong.  

In my opinion somebody that wants their closets done isn’t as concerned about gas prices as they are concerned about the stock market.  I don’t claim to be an economist, but Mrs. Jones has been waiting to put that new closet in for 3 years, her job is secure and her portfolio has recovered.  Now that she has decided to buy the closet of her dreams, she wants value.  If that means new closet poles, textured melamine, and soft close slides than you better be prepared to offer that otherwise you risk losing the sale.  Not because you were not cheap enough, but because you didn’t offer any value.  The playing field has changed and it’s time to raise your game. 

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