What’s New at IWF 2012

Were you too busy to attend IWF?  Did you attend but spend all of your time researching machinery?

This was the best show in years, many new exhibitors, new products and attendance was up over 40%.

Here are 3 items that I thought you would find interesting…

Floating cabinetry is a hot look that is spreading.

Coming soon to the market is a hardware kit that easily installs on your cabinets and has up to 5/8” of adjustment.

It overcomes the challenges that traditional hangers present like interfering with your drawer slides or not sitting flush against the wall.  This will be available in the coming months.

It’s not always about the product, sometimes it’s about packaging…

Most of you are familiar with the leg levelor pictured above… Most of you also know the problems –

You or an employee spend hours screwing the legs into the t-nuts.  You also have to inventory two separate items…

How many times have you had legs without any t-nuts?? I know sounds painful…

Finally you can buy a leg levelor set, which is a leg and t-nut pre-assembled.  Tap the assembly into the vertical and you are done…

Last but not least is a new soft close hinge that has a piston built into the hinge arm.  The concealed piston eliminates the problem of changing your current drilling and the need for stocking an additional soft close dampener.

The best part of this hinge is not the soft close, it’s the cam adjustable plate.   There are many import hinges on the market, but most of them don’t have a cam adjustable plate. This adjustment will save you time and aggravation on the job site.

Your turn, what new items did you find at the show?

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