Time To Reset?

Most of us reset every January… We start eating healthier, living life to the fullest or getting organized –  but what about your business?

When was the last time you audited your website, daily systems or hardware options?

Now is the perfect time to get your company ready for the busy Spring season.

Do the pictures on your website need to be updated?  That’s an all caps YES if the monitor in your home office photo is 20″ deep.

Are you constantly showing up to installs and the floors aren’t ready?  That’s a major sign that your system needs to be changed.

Do you have a hardware supplier that doesn’t care about your success?  Show you new products?  Value your business?  It might be time to look at your options.

Yes Richelieu stocks the trendiest hardware and Italian melamine on the market, but we also have all of your standard closet hardware.

From closet poles and jewelry trays to wall rails and hanging brackets we have everything that you use.

Unlike other distributors, most of the hardware we sell we manufacture ourselves.  You are buying direct which saves you money.

If you haven’t taken the time to get to know Richelieu yet, send me an email or reach out to your local rep.  We will explain how we can be a valued business partner.

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