The Week in Review 3/22/14

The Mayor week in Review

Good Morning Spring!  Today is going to be a great day to get the BBQ started.

Here’s the stories that you might have missed –

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The Mayor of Hardware

Wendy Scott is a Top Shelf Award Finalist for turning an attic into a “Dream Dressing Room.”  Click to see additional photos and the complete story. 

I would love you to post you award winning closets to my Facebook Page.  It might help your page get a few more “likes.”

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The Top 7 Reasons Your Content Goes Viral  – This 2 minute read might give you a few new ideas.

Russell Simmons: 3 Simple Ways Meditation Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur – It’s very difficult for me to slow down… I’m considering meditation.  Is anyone having success doing this?

I also want to include a quick reminder that the ACSP is sponsoring Designer Day Thursday April 10th. I hope you will join us.  Click for more info.

This should be enough to keep you out of trouble.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Richie –
    I am HIGHLY recommending the meditation option. The easiest way to start is with the collaborative efforts of Deepak/Oprah. They are starting a new “themed” FREE daily meditation on April 15th.
    Each one lasts about 15 minutes and by registering, you receive them via email. I listed to each one on my phone before I even get out of bed.
    You could do it in between appointments.
    I’m gonna check in with you on this one.

    • The Mayor of Hardware says:

      Hi Denise,

      Thanks for the recommendation – I just registered.

      I want to hear about your experience – does it really slow down your thinking?
      Help you come up with new ideas?

      I’m excited to give it a try.

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