Becoming More Profitable in 2019

I hope you had a great holiday season and took some time to recharge your batteries.

Now is the time to get back to work, the uncertainty with our government and economy is making today the day that You start to put the systems in place that will make you more profitable in 2019.

This is the first of a series of posts that will hopefully give you a few simple ideas that you can put into action to increase your bottom line.

Good – Better – Best Pricing Strategy

According to HBR there are 3 ways to use this price strategy.

  1. Going on the offensive
    • You can dramatically increase profits by creating higher-end “Better and Best” options.
      • For example – Six Flags Amusement Park has standard, gold and platinum passes. Gold reduces wait time by 80%, Platinum by 90%.  The idea is that at least half of the customers will upgrade to a “Gold” pass increasing profits by not actually doing any extra work.  Some ways customers have successfully put this strategy to use is selling higher end panels or decorative hardware.   More to come on this, keep reading.  🙂
  2. Going on the defensive
    • Is there a new lower price competitor in the your market?  Rather than reduce all of your pricing, creating a “Good” option is a solution.  You might find only 15% of your customers opt for the “Good” solution, and 85% are buying the better option which was your standard offering.
  3. Consumer psychology
    • 3 tier pricing helps differentiate you from the competitor.
    • People tend to choose the middle option.

Following are some areas of your business that you can use the GBB strategy.

Belts, Ties and Valet Rods – When it comes to your everyday accessories most homeowners don’t know what type of belt, tie or valet they are getting.  All they know is that they want one.  Rather than sell a $25 belt rack with every job, (that I hope you are charging at least $50 installed) maybe when doing a white closet you offer a $10 option (that you are selling for $25).

I know as you are reading this you’re thinking that you’re actually losing money by installing the less expensive one, but the reality is you could be pricing those high end accessories out of your customer’s budget.  They might opt to buy something on line and install themselves or worse give the job to a closet company that is offering less expensive options.  That high end belt and tie rack might not land you a job, but it could cost you one.  Our top selling “good” and “better” options are

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Drying Rack Demonstrated by Closet Owner

Derrek Holland owner of The Closet Doctor has been organizing Sacramento, CA, since 1998.

He manufactures his own product, is an original member of the National Closet Group and a “Lean” enthusiast.

Watch as Derrek demonstrates our drying rack and explains why it’s a great addition to any laundry room.

There are three mounting options – wall mount, ceiling mount and recessed ceiling mount.

The closet rod easily opens and expands from 37″ –  67″ wide.

Check out Derrek’s YouTube channel for other product demos and videos on Lean Manufacturing.

Have you used our drying rack? What was your experience?

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New Vertiko Closet System In Stock…

Vertiko Wall System

Many of you have asked me about the “closet without verticals” or the “European Closet System.”  It’s in stock just in time for you to freshen up your showroom for the new year.

It’s something that you should definitely be showing because if you haven’t been asked for a system like this yet – you will be soon.

The Vertiko Closet System has a short learning curve and is pretty easy to install.

There’s plenty of adjustment built into the stanchions to follow the bows in the wall and the slope of the floor.  We have brackets for cabinets, shelves, closet rods and every combination.

This short video will show you how easy it is –

This is also a great system for entertainment centers because you can easily hide the wires behind the back panels.

If you have questions or need more technical info please email me at


Answers to Common Closet Questions

Answers to Common Closet Hardware Questions

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In the following E-Book you will find answers to questions that I am constantly being asked.  Included are links to installation videos, pics and best practices that I have picked up along the way.

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Small Closets, Lots Of Storage

I was lucky enough to have one of the leading closet companies in the country write a guest post for my blog.  Following are their suggestions for tight spaces. Hope you enjoy!

Small Closets, Lots of Storage

small closets, lots of storage

Too many clothes and not enough storage? We’ve got you covered.

While the perks of city living are many, the smaller spaces and minimal storage that are generally part of the deal can pose challenges to the urban dweller. When it comes to closets, you’re almost always faced with a tight squeeze. That’s why, whether you’re dealing with a small reach-in closet or no closet at all, it’s important to make every inch count.

Read our tips and tricks below on how to get the most out of your small space.

Look Up

Use vertical space and take advantage of empty and unused nooks and crannies – even if you can’t reach them easily. Take lesser-used items, like ones that are out of season, and store them in airtight space bags on the highest shelf. This will open up space at eye level for items you use on a daily basis.

Consider hanging an extra rod, poles, or hooks against the side walls for additional clothing or for accessories like scarves or belts. Including boxes and baskets along the side wall or above the highest shelf can add additional storage space for extra oddities and infrequently used items.

Use Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves can turn a one-rod-closet into a multi-dimensional space for your shoes, seasonal items, and additional accessories.

For bulkier items – like thick winter sweaters – adjust your shelves to create a taller space; similar sized shelves work well for stacking jeans and pants too. T-shirts, workout clothes, shoes, and other less bulky items can live on short shelves. Decorative cubes can also fit nicely to hold undergarments or socks.

Be sure to use durable shelf supporters to lock shelves into place for extra strength and safety.

Consider Racks

Visibility is key for any closet size, and being able to see all your clothes is an essential part of getting dressed in the morning. Take advantage of the many accessories available, like slide-out belt and tie racks that can be hidden easily when not in use.

For shoes, try hanging them over your closet door or stashing them under your bed in a tidy roll-out storage drawer. Haphazardly throwing them on the floor of your closet will create a mess and make your closet seem smaller than it already is.

Choose the Right Hangers

When you’re faced with a tiny closet, the right hangers can keep you organized and help you maximize the little space you have. Tiered hangers, for example, are perfect for all your clothes, allowing you to conveniently stack your garments.

Nothing shrinks a closet like a pile of clothes spread out on the floor. To keep your clothes in place, think about investing in wood, cedar, or felt hangers. The sturdy, durable materials will preserve your clothes longer and keep them from falling to the floor.

Ask the Pros

While there are blogs and websites with DIY tips on transforming your small closet space, it helps to seek professional advice. Quality materials and hardware are essential to building a closet that will last.

Our designers at Closet America – along with leading hardware providers like The Mayor of Hardware, Richie DeMarco – will help you create smart organization solutions to make the most of your diminutive space.

-written by Closet America’s president, Skip Labella