Closet & Cabinet Expo is a HUGE Success!

20150414_182320-2If you attended the Closet Conference last week than you are probably just coming down off your high. This was the first time in a while that the rooms were full, the traffic lasted all day and people were excited about a strong year ahead.

Skip Labella kicked off the Conference by sharing Closet America’s “Go to Market Strategy” – the room was so full tables needed to be taken out so that we could fit more chairs.

There was a panel discussion that focused on the benefits of Insourcing VS Outsourcing. People left that session with a clear vision of the advantages and disadvantages of both models.

Closet Factory Virginia Beach owner, Jeff Bruzzesi explained how he turned building custom homes into a successful marketing strategy. By creating organization through out the custom homes, clients quickly realized that Jeff could do much more than build closets.  Here are some of the photos.

From the Conference nearly 200 people took a short bus ride to Plus Closets. They showed us the workflow in their shop, how they make drawer boxes and how they ship orders. It was one of the most organized tours that I have ever been on.

As we do every year we ended the day with a Networking Reception. We drank, ate, caught up with old friends and made new ones.

That was just day 1… 🙂

Day 2 didn’t disappoint – The Expo floor was packed with new items. Here are some of my favorites are –

The Boot Butler.  It’s a space saving way to hang your boots. It helps your boots maintain their shape, avoid creases and allows you to easily find the pair you are looking for. This is a cool item that your customers will love.

There was a handbag pull out and a pull out clothing rack for shallow closets, both are made by Glideware. Storing handbags can be a big problem especially if your client is like my wife and collects them… (That’s a topic for another day)  There are solutions for shallow closets, most are not as pretty as Glideware’s. Both options will work great for your high-end customers.

The Expo wasn’t all about accessories – Titus is introducing 5 brand new cam colors. They are designed to match the new textures that are on the market.   I consistently get asked for light gray (silver) and medium brown (warm cherry)  These should be available in 30 days.

Your turn – What were some of your favorite things about the Closet Conference & Expo?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

For those of you that couldn’t attend, Woodworking Network has many of the presentation slides available on line – Check them out here – 

Be sure to save the date for next year’s Conference in Pasadena – March 22nd – 24th.

See you there!!

Don’t Waste Your Time Attending The Closet Conference IF –

IF – You think you can spend an hour walking the Expo floor and than get back to the shop…

IF – You’re way too busy to spend three days speaking to colleagues…

IF – You know everything…

Not the advice you expected?

Keep reading, give me a chance to explain.

You’re wasting your time because your not allowing yourself to learn something new, meet new people or come up with new ideas.

You work all year responding to what’s in front of you, never actually taking the time to slow down and work on your business – Attending the Conference gives you that luxury.

The Conference is a full day of inspiration, some of the topics include –

– Learning the go to marketing strategy of one of the leading closet companies in the country.

– Closet production – Manufacturing Vs Outsourcing.

– Learn first hand how the large kitchen manufacturers are building closets.

After a full day of sessions, we get out of the classroom and visit Plus Closets for a plant tour.  There you will see some of the newest machinery on the market.

By the way I haven’t mentioned my favorite part of the day – catching up with old friends and networking with new ones at the Top Shelf Awards Reception. 

All of this happens before the Expo even opens!

The deadline for early registration is March 22nd.  Click to register now and save $75. 

Meeting with vendors and seeing the latest hardware at the Expo is a bonus to all that you will learn during the Conference… Hope to see you there!



What “Nuggets” Did You Take From the Closet & Cabinet Conference?

Mayor of Hardware

I have attended every conference since the beginning and every year I learn something new…

Some of the highlights for me –

Your turn –

What did you think of the conference?

What did you take from the show that you went back and put into action?

If you haven’t yet, that’s ok – put it on the calendar and get started!

I’m looking forward to your comments.

Total Storage Solutions… The event that you won’t want to MISS!

December is a crazy month, trying to do 4 weeks’ worth of work in 3, figuring out what to get your significant other, planning your holiday travel etc…

Before you know it you are two weeks into January and still haven’t planned to get away for those important 3 days at the end of February… Do yourself a favor and begin to prepare now…

The ACSP has listened to your requests and created the EVENT that you asked for…

It’s in the Northeast so many of our members are within driving distance.

There will be an emphasis placed on social media, marketing and networking.

Our yearly tour is one that you will not want to miss… There will be nobody leaving early this year!

And of course you can count on a few surprises along the way…

Due to the location and the large number of cabinet shops in the area the conference, hotel rooms, and tour will fill up fast… Don’t wait until the week before the event to sign up, you might miss the best part of the show!

No matter what room in the house you work in, the Cabinet & Closet Conference should not be missed… Start planning now…

Click here to register for the Total Storage Solutions EVENT.

I look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions about the show or want to know where to get the best pastrami sandwich please contact me at 347-723-7433 or you can email me at

Closet Conference Eve – 10 things that I hope to learn at the conference…

Right now I am on the plane flying to Austin for the Closet Conference.  I am guessing that by now you have already decided whether or not to attend…

I have been attending these conferences every year since the beginning and I always come away with a few tips to pass along to my customers that couldn’t attend…

I don’t expect to meet a wizard with a crystal ball, but you never know… So here is my wish list –

  1. How to be more profitable
  2. How to build a great reputation
  3. The best way to manage inventory
  4. Managing advertising dollars and the leads that come from it
  5. What services should you be offering to increase profit and sales
  6. What makes you different
  7. Motivating your employees, from sales to the shop
  8. Eliminating service calls
  9. The latest trends in the market
  10. How to increase the chances of a seamless installation

If I come away with answers to half of these questions the trip was well worth it.

Have I missed any?  Is there anything that you are hoping to take out of the conference?