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It’s nice to be back… I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, is recharged and gearing up for a big year.

My plan for 2014 is to show up even more and really help you with your marketing efforts –

Today I want to review a website / service that was shared with me during the break – Thanks Denise!

It’s called Buffer and the main function is to make it easier for you to share information on your social media platforms.

I have been using the free version for a week and I love it…

Here’s why –

It’s a real time saver.   Once your profiles are connected you can begin to schedule your posts.

Scheduling is really easy, having the same post on multiple platforms at different times, will only take you a few minutes.

Do you use Twitter?  I have been trying to figure out how to get my photos to show up in the news feed – Buffer does that too.

A great picture will make your tweet standout and is more likely to be read and clicked than one without.

Buffer also gives you analytics for every post on every platform.

You will be able to see when is the best time to post, what topics your network is clicking on and you can create your strategy around that.

Buffer also adds a button to your browser so if you are reading an article at 11:00 at night, which may not be the ideal time for you to share, you can “buffer” it and share later with a quick click.

Anyone managing multiple platforms will really appreciate this site!

Your turn – are you currently using this site?

If yes, are you using the free version or have you upgraded?

I would love to hear your experience.


  1. Thanks for the credit Richie! I am loving this site as well – and I’m seeing an increase in followers on Twitter – which is not the easiest thing to do these days.
    I’m still going to use it for a bit before I got for the “awesome” edition.

  2. Well, recommendations from you two, Richie and Denise, go a long way. Is it tough to use or set up? Is there a cost after the trial period? Obviously you think the extra step pays off with the multiple posts and analytics. (I currently just have an auto repost from FB to Twitter.)

    • Thanks Rhonda! It’s really easy to use and the free version isn’t a trial period. They pay version does give you more storage space and additional functions which I haven’t used yet.

      Reposting from FB to Twitter works. One thing that I learned recently was the photos showing up different on FB and Twitter – that’s why I post them separately. I also tend to post more on Twitter than FB.

      If you do check out Buffer and need help let me know.

      Thanks again for commenting!!

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