15 Minutes Could Increase Your Profits…

I know you’re busy – running between sales calls, the shop and trying to squeeze in time for the family.

But if you can add an extra 15 minutes to your sales call I think you can add $5000 per year to your bottom line.

Many of you include a chrome knob or bow pull with your closets.

If you want to get fancy you sell a bar pull and I think you are leaving money on the table.

How many times have you been asked for more options?

And you say – “As long as you have the handles on site at time of installation my guys will put them on for you.”

So you’re not selling the upgrade but still taking the time to install them?? I bet some of you even credit back because the customer is buying their own knobs.

Let’s take a minute to do some math –

You install a closet per day.

Average closet has 5 handles.

That is a potential of 25 handles per week.

Is it reasonable to think that you can make an extra $100 per week offering upgraded handles?

Yes I used the word “offering” because I bet at least half of your customers are buying their own handles after you install that basic chrome knob.

I know your shaking your head – you don’t have time for someone to go through a catalog or spend 2 hours picking handles… I totally agree.

That’s why I came up with a new decorative closet hardware board.

I looked at sales, upcoming trends, spoke to designers and came up with a program just for you.

It’s 8 handles in 2 sizes and 4 knobs in 5 finishes.

There is a big trend in handles getting bigger – every handle on the board comes in 96mm and 128mm.

Every item on the board is priced right and all use a standard 8 x 32 threaded screw.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Do you offer your customers decorative hardware?

Have I convinced you that it could be worth your time?

If you would like more info about the new closet hardware board or all of the decorative hardware options and programs that Richelieu has to offer please send me an email or leave a comment below.


  1. CARLES REEDY says:

    Hi Richie,
    Please send more info on deco hardware boards.
    Carles Reedy

  2. You have my attention…..would you send me some info, Richie?

  3. Carl J Iaccariono Jr. says:

    Hi Richie,
    Definitely have my interest!!! Show and Tell always works for upgrading. Let me know when your Board is available and How Much !!
    Awesome Richie

    • Hi Carl,

      Boards are in stock and ready to roll. We have a special deal right now for closet guys. I’ll discuss with you next time we speak.


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