How to Leverage Design Contests – Win or Lose…

Today Denise Butchko and I experimented with Google+ Hangouts and YouTube to record this video.

I have to admit that after we recorded it we were pretty excited about how it turned out and how easy it was to use.

In this video Denise tells you how to leverage design contests – win or lose…

Taking a few minutes to follow these tips will help you build brand equity and give you immediate creditability.

On October 25th Denise is partnering with award winning designer Janet Stevenson of Closet City and KCD Software to discuss “How To Create Award Winning Closet Designs and Storage Solutions.”

Click here to sign up for the fun, insightful and FREE webinar.  That not only shows you how to create solutions, but how to leverage the software and visuals to bring your designs to life.

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  1. We need to do more of this experimenting – or pioneering – it’s fun! Look forward to seeing you on the webinar 🙂

    • I agree. I have been brainstorming – different ways that we can use this technology.

      Of course I will be attending the webinar! Thanks for allowing me to interview you!!

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