Hour Glass Closet Rod

Who doesn’t like an hour glass figure??

That’s the inspiration behind the newest closet rods to hit the market.

New Closet Rods

The new shape keeps the hanger from scratching the face… A problem common with round rods.

The hour glass shape coupled with a clear plastic cap across the top will keep the rod looking good even after years of use.

The shape isn’t the only feature unique about these rods – they are reversible!

One side is a flat smooth finish, the other side is ribbed for a more contemporary look.

It doesn’t just look good – the new two piece flange allows for a very forgiving installation… Even if your rod is cut a 1/4″ short it will still lock in place.

Is our industry ready for a new closet rod?

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks Richie for keeping us updated! Can’t wait to see what news you and Denise Butchko bring back from KBIS….Best wishes on your presentations there–hope to see you in Chicago at the Closets Expo!

    • Hi Patti!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. You know I’ll be blogging about the coolest hardware that I can find at KBIS.

      I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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