Building Your Brand Begins Off-Line…

No matter what profession you are in we can all agree that building your personal brand should be at the top of your “To-Do” list.

I can hear you yelling at the computer – of course it is, but how do I start?  What should I be doing?  I don’t have time for all of that extra work…

Building your brand is easier than you think… Every satisfied customer gets you one step closer to fame and fortune… Ok maybe not movie star fame and fortune, but you could be known as the best closet designer in NY or the best cabinet builder in PA.

Be the best that you can be and people will begin to notice.

I didn’t become the Mayor of Hardware overnight… 10 years ago I became a student of the closet industry.  Learning as much as I could about hardware, whether I sold it or not.  You want to build a loyal customer, tell him that your competitor has exactly the item that he needs.

The 10 years of studying was the ground work for my brand.  It wasn’t the last two years on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  Social media is an outlet to help me expand my brand, so of course I think that everyone should at least have a LinkedIn profile.

Enough about me… What are your thoughts about building a brand?  Is there a difference between your personal brand and your business brand?

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Your Social Media Tip – “Tweeting” all the way to the bank…

That’s right you heard me… Start tweeting today and watch your leads and internet traffic increase tomorrow…

Ok so it might take more than a day to see results, but if done effectively I know that tweeting not only will help your marketing efforts, but it will lead to sales… It has for me.

Not on Twitter?  Don’t know where to start?  Here are 5 tips to get you started –

Set up your profile.  This is not as painful as it sounds…  My tip here is to upload a high quality photo of yourself – not your dog, cat, car, or your company logo… This is about getting to know you.  Your background image can be something creative, to show off your work.

Who to follow?  I follow anyone that has something to do with my industry… This keeps me up to date on all of the industry gossip and makes me available if needed.

You’re ready to Tweet… What do you say?  The biggest tip that I can give you is don’t tweet sales pitches… That’s not being social… When you meet someone new do you start the conversation by giving him a sales quote?  Not the best way to make friends… Tweet info that you think your target audience will find valuable.  Include a link when possible.

What’s with the #?  No this is not a number sign, it’s referred to as a hash tag.  This is used in Twitter as an easy way to search topics, or keep track of conversations.  I always include #Closets in my tweets.  If anyone is searching closets all of my tweets will come up.  A hash tag can be placed anywhere in your post, by placing it in the beginning or middle you are ensuring that your hash tag will not be cut off if you get ReTweeted (RT)…. See last tip…

Show some love with a ReTweet!  A ReTweet (RT) is when one of your followers finds your post valuable enough to RT it to their audience.  RT’s are great because it spreads your tweet to all of their followers, which will help you get more followers and build more relationships… Make sure to always thank the person for ReTweeting you otherwise they might not do it again!

That’s all you need to know to get started… Create your account today and begin building your audience.  Follow me at!/MayorOfHardware  I’ll be sure to follow back.

Have a success story or any of your own tips that you would like to add?

Have a Twitter question?  Please feel free to contact me at

Happy Tweeting!

Your Social Media Tip – Making the phone ring…

I have known most of my customers for over 10 years and consider many of them friends.  They ask my advice on everything from machinery and software to showrooms and marketing…

One question that comes up all the time is “How can I make the phone ring?”

My first question is always “Are you using social media?”

Their response is usually “I tried that once but it didn’t work”, or “no I don’t like Facebook.”

At that point I give my experience of getting 5 new customers in the last 6 months from Twitter… That might not sound like a lot, but its 5 more than I had before I started tweeting…

I know what you thinking – that’s a lot of work for 5 new customers.  Your right it is, and I’m happy to do it…  Aren’t you?

Social media is something that you can do to separate yourself from the competition.  Create an account on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter and start to engage your potential customer.

You are not going to create an account and 10 minutes later the phone will ring.  This is not pay-per-click advertising….  You need to be consistent with your message and your posts…

It takes time and practice (every day I learn something new) but it will make the phone ring!

Get on a social media site and start building your network today!

Have you already started building your network?  What has been your experience?

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