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BIG improvements to BI-FOLDING doors…

I know what you’re thinking… Bi-folding doors really?  The best improvement was getting rid of them 30 years ago… and I agree those louvered doors never worked properly, needed constant adjustment, and always fell off the track… BUT…

Yes that’s a big but  – (insert joke here)

Imagine if bi-folding doors did function properly…  You would have access to the entire closet!

Dreams can come true… See the new bi-folding doors in action.

What do you do when a client asks for closet doors?  Are you walking away from that business?

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Your Social Media Tip – “Tweeting” all the way to the bank…

That’s right you heard me… Start tweeting today and watch your leads and internet traffic increase tomorrow…

Ok so it might take more than a day to see results, but if done effectively I know that tweeting not only will help your marketing efforts, but it will lead to sales… It has for me.

Not on Twitter?  Don’t know where to start?  Here are 5 tips to get you started –

Set up your profile.  This is not as painful as it sounds…  My tip here is to upload a high quality photo of yourself – not your dog, cat, car, or your company logo… This is about getting to know you.  Your background image can be something creative, to show off your work.

Who to follow?  I follow anyone that has something to do with my industry… This keeps me up to date on all of the industry gossip and makes me available if needed.

You’re ready to Tweet… What do you say?  The biggest tip that I can give you is don’t tweet sales pitches… That’s not being social… When you meet someone new do you start the conversation by giving him a sales quote?  Not the best way to make friends… Tweet info that you think your target audience will find valuable.  Include a link when possible.

What’s with the #?  No this is not a number sign, it’s referred to as a hash tag.  This is used in Twitter as an easy way to search topics, or keep track of conversations.  I always include #Closets in my tweets.  If anyone is searching closets all of my tweets will come up.  A hash tag can be placed anywhere in your post, by placing it in the beginning or middle you are ensuring that your hash tag will not be cut off if you get ReTweeted (RT)…. See last tip…

Show some love with a ReTweet!  A ReTweet (RT) is when one of your followers finds your post valuable enough to RT it to their audience.  RT’s are great because it spreads your tweet to all of their followers, which will help you get more followers and build more relationships… Make sure to always thank the person for ReTweeting you otherwise they might not do it again!

That’s all you need to know to get started… Create your account today and begin building your audience.  Follow me at!/MayorOfHardware  I’ll be sure to follow back.

Have a success story or any of your own tips that you would like to add?

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Happy Tweeting!

Your Hardware Tip – Sliding doors could increase your sales…

You go into a client’s home and they walk you into their bedroom to show you their closet… How many times have they opened the sliding door and it sounded like a garbage truck was driving by?

Now your client has newly organized closets behind these old noisy sliding doors… how long before they change them?  Will they call you?  Or another company that advertises sliding doors?

The majority of my customers will not install sliding doors and I’m not sure why… It’s easier to increase your sales with an existing client than get a new one, and yet most of my customers don’t offer doors.

In these times when everyone is fighting for jobs and there doesn’t seem to be a bottom, doesn’t it make sense to provide your client with a service – like getting rid of those old noisy doors?

There are many varieties of sliding door hardware on the market.  From bi-passing doors to room dividers your local distributor should have hardware suitable for your needs.  You will need to provide them with the material of your door, the door thickness and the application.

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