Luxury Closets need Luxury Doors

In the last five posts we have been discussing closet upgrades – under mount slides, dovetail drawers, decorative hardware and the list goes on.

Today, I want you to think about how many times you have installed a beautiful reach in closet behind noisy builder grade bypassing doors.

Do you think if you had a program in place you could get 20% of those clients to buy doors from you?

Let’s start with the competition – There aren’t many options for your client to buy new sliding doors.

They could do a weekend project, buy the doors from Home Depot, and hope they are the right size.  I don’t think someone that just spent a couple of thousand dollars on closets really wants to do that.

Sure, they could try to find a reliable contractor (good luck) and have custom doors made.  Again, I don’t think most people want to do that and it would be expensive.

If there is a Sliding Door Company in your market, they make beautiful glass doors and are a great solution. Except they are expensive and there is a long lead time.

So, you can see there really isn’t much competition.

Offering your clients sliding doors gives you an opportunity to increase your average sale, and helps you differentiate yourself – as a total solution.

Richelieu Hardware offers sliding door hardware solutions to fit every budget and application.  We even have a team of technical specialists that can help you decide which system is right for you.

If you are just getting started I have a three “go-to” systems that should cover the majority of your applications.

  • 89DCD2M – This is a top hung system that will hold 99lbs per door and all the hardware is surface mounted which makes it very user friendly.  Band a ¾” panel, add one of our oversized handles to the door and you easily just added $1000 to the total sale of that installation.

  • 89CD40CX – Don’t want to hang the doors off the header?  Building a built-in wardrobe or a garage cabinet? The CD40 could be the system for you.  This is a bottom rolling system that features adjustable bottom rollers and a top guide for smooth travel.

  • PL2550 – Does your customer prefer full access to the closet? The PL2550 is the perfect solution. It’s a bi-fold door system made for ¾” panels.  Only drilling required is one 35mm hinge hole, everything else is surface mounted.  It also features a top track and carrier that will prevent any door sag.

Are you a little more advanced?

Working with high-end clients?

Our co-planar door hardware is the best on the market.  Co-planar hardware is a by-passing door system that when closed, the doors are flush – keeping a consistent reveal that most high-end clients are looking for.

Have your clients asked you about barn doors?  We stock options for 19mm cabinet doors and full-size doors in various designs to match any home décor.  We can even supply you with barn doors!

If you would like more information about our sliding door offering please visit – here is a link to our sliding door selection wizard or reach out to your local Richelieu rep.

Are you currently offering sliding doors?

What are the obstacles?

Any wins?

I would love to hear your comments.

Thank you for reading!

Luxury Closets Need Luxury Doors…

The last couple of weeks we spoke about Lisa Adams and the features of a $100,000 closet – here’s a link if you missed it.

If you follow me on Facebook you saw the Clos-ette video discussing $100,000 closets and acrylic rods…

These closets have everything – and are AMAZING!!

One thing that never comes up in any of these videos is the entry door to the closet…

The above video shows the Bortoluzzi sliding doors system distributed by Salice.

I love this video – even though it’s not in English the music makes me want to dance and I can cut a rug… :0)

You can see how one door travels in front of the other and clears the edge pulls.

This system works for small or large doors, it features soft open and soft close…

It can be opened by hand or with a remote control… Nothing says luxury like a remote control door!

Yes this hardware is expensive and the cabinet construction must be precise – which will limit your competition – that’s never a bad thing…

Contact your local Salice distributor for more info or feel free to email me at


Closet Doors Get a Face Lift…


Last week I created content for you to share with your customers…

“Getting Ready For Your New Custom Closets” – It was one of my most viewed blogs ever!!  Here’s the link in case you missed it 

Since it was so successful I thought I would try it again –

If you haven’t noticed, sliding doors are everywhere and the trend isn’t going away…

Here is a link to an Ideabook on my Houzz profile called “Closet Doors Get a Face Lift”… 

Feel free to share the Ideabook with your audience…

As I always I’m trying to think of new ways to help you stand out in the crowd.  If I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me at


Garage Doors

Sliding doors are not just for closets… Save space and increase access to garage cabinets with sliding doors.