Two Free Resources

Free Resources

Not sure if these is worth $.50 or $2.00 – Keep reading and let me know… 🙂

Many of you know that I am always in the car and unfortunately sitting in traffic comes along with the territory.

That was until I found the Waze app – it’s better than the GPS in my car because it takes into account the traffic when it gives directions.  It saves me at least 15 minutes per day.

Waze also tells you where the red light cameras are, if there is a car on the side of the road or more importantly a cop.  Even if you aren’t in the car all day like I am this app is a must – especially the first time it helps you avoid a jackknifed tractor trailer…

Another free tool that I use almost every day is   This is a graphic design website.  If you or someone in your company is posting on social media you need to create an account on Canva.  There’s a small learning curve, but once you get comfortable your images will look like a professional edited them.

Canva has templates for every social platform so your pics will always be the right size.  You can resize photos and easily add text or your logo to any image.  If you pay the $12 per month you don’t have to resize photos manually, with one click of the mouse Canva will “magic resize” your image for every social platform.  This is a major time saver.

Are you currently using either of these tools?

Do you have any resources that I should be checking out?

If you have any questions or I can be any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me at