Build Your Brand or Risk Extinction!!

Build Your Brand or Risk Extinction

This post is for employees, business owners, recent graduates… Anyone that isn’t planning to inherit their rich grandparent’s fortune… 🙂

Yes the economy is back… My clients are busy no matter their market and there seems to be enough work to go around.

Congratulate yourself for making it to this point, but now is not the time to get comfortable… It’s time to double down!!

Are you sharing content?

Are you creating fans?

Are you building a network?

If you’re not you’re competitor is…

This might not affect your bottom line today or tomorrow…

The problem is that by the time you realize that you need to start creating your army it will be too late…

Want to avoid extinction??

  • Start by taking a look at your social media profiles. Are they complete and current?
  • Is your content appropriate? Does your audience care that Kim Kardashian’s baby just turned 1?
  • Are you sincere? If not your audience will pick up on this right away.
  • Do you share content with a smile? You have heard the expression, you can hear a smile over the phone, well you can hear a smile in your writing.
  • Do you appreciate your network? Always thank your audience for listening to your thoughts and sharing your content.

Your turn – did I miss any?

What do you do to build your brand? I love reading your comments.

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